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Sitata Plus helps you avoid travel disruptions, keeps your loved-ones aware of your safety, and provides help when you need it.

Before You Leave

Sitata Plus helps you plan for your travels from the moment of your first booking.

Save hours researching health & safety recommendations
Manage complicated itineraries in one place
Stay aware of events that could be threat or disrupt your travels

Sitata told me about a possible airline strike days before the media announced it. I didn't risk it and was able to re-book my flights.

Flora Zhang - Shenzhen, China

When You're At The Airport

Stay up to date with your flights. Sitata will tell you about:

Flight delays and cancellations
Terminals and gate changes

While You're Travelling

Sitata monitors global news, 24/7, for any type of travel disruption and can be there for you when you need help. Now you can:

Have global protection for any event that might put your travels at risk
Get help for anything from a lost passport to a medical emergency*
Connect with travel medicine specialists if you get sick for video chats, clinic visits, and even house calls

*Advanced assistance available to organizations. Coming soon for individuals.

On my last trip to Spain, I almost missed my meetings. I had no idea the city was full of protesters! They practically shut down the entire city. Thanks to Sitata, I knew exactly which areas to avoid and managed to make it to my meetings on time.

Aditya Singh - Delhi, India

For Friends And Loved Ones At Home

Sitata Plus can automatically keep your friends, colleages, and loved ones aware of your safety as you travel.

When you land at your destination
When your flight is delayed or cancelled
When you reach your accomodations

I use Travel Watchers to let my husband know where I am and that I'm still safe when I'm working abroad. I love it because I'm usually too busy to message.

Jen Bentner - New York, USA

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